Shelby Worthington Loomis


Shelby Worthington Loomis

Creating Social Change with Comics 

Shelby Worthington Loomis has a talent creating spaces people enjoy being in. Whether meeting friends for a drink or celebrating some of life’s grandest occasions, places play an important role in shaping the meaningful moments in our lives. In Riverside, there’s an emerging downtown scene – the historic Mission Inn, a convention center, eateries, antique shops, churches, museums, and nearby universities. Shelby Worthington Loomis believes so much in the potential of the area, she’s investing her time, energy, influence, and money to its success as a regional destination.

In this episode, join host Rickerby Hinds for a conversation with Shelby inside an event venue she owns in downtown Riverside. The building has a storied past: It opened in the 1920s as a hotel and furniture store. During World War II, it served as anti-aircraft intelligence headquarters and in the 70s, transformed into the Riverside Ballet Arts dance school. In 2014, Shelby partnered with a friend to renovate the space into the unique event venue now known as Loft .84.. 

Guest Bio:

Shelby Worthington Loomis is the Executive Board Chair of the Riverside Downtown Partnership, a group dedicated to furthering development and culture in downtown Riverside. She is on the Athletics Association Board of Directors at UC Riverside and is an active member of the community. In addition to owning and operating Worthington’s Tavern and Loft .84 in downtown Riverside, she is an active real estate investor, buying and leasing new properties, and assisting other entrepreneurs to bring business to the area. . 

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