Regina Louise


Regina Louise:

I Am Somebody's Child 

Regina Louise never knew a “normal” childhood. Throughout her tumultuous youth, she was shuffled through more than 30 foster homes and psychiatric facilities, all before the age of 18. Compounding the trauma, a racially motivated ruling in 1974 prevented Regina’s counselor from being able to adopt her. And yet… 

After aging out of the foster care system, Regina pursued her dream of higher education, built a thriving hair salon business, and became a successful author, motivational speaker, and advocate for foster youth. Following nearly 30 years of separation, Regina reunited with her counselor and was adopted as an adult in the same courthouse where the pair lost the previous legal battle. 

For more than 16 years now, Regina has traveled the country telling her story to bring awareness to the systemic failures that continue to affect foster youth today. In April 2019, a film based on Regina’s memoirs premiered on Lifetime alongside PSAs about adoption and foster care, giving voice to the more than 400,000 children currently in the U.S. foster care system.

Join us for this moving conversation with Regina Louise about taking control of your own story no matter the circumstances and using your voice to become your own hope.


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